Call for accomplices: Portland Free University

  • Posted on: 6 May 2019
  • By: admin

" I see it, this is precisely the nature of a real struggle against intellectualism. It is not a glorification of ignorance, but a defiant refusal to be dispossessed of one’s capacity to learn, think and understand."
--Wolfi Landstreicher, Against the Logic of Submission

It's no secret: education has, increasingly, become commodified and subject to capitalist logics. Neither is it a secret that a good portion of radical folx today were initiated following their realization about the state of the world brought on by soul-crushing student debt. In accordance with the anarchistic desire to take what we want and burn the rest, some of us crazy anarchists in Occupied Chinook territory AKA Portland, OR are attempting to liberate education in the here-and-now, and thus, we're setting up the Portland Free University. We're going to echo our comrades at the Brisbane Free University:

"We believe that a more just world is possible and that this is one way of bringing it into being. We want to re-imagine education by bringing conversation and critical thought into the heart of the city. We want to challenge the divide between the academic sphere and the public forum, between the sandstone and the street corner, and remember the sheer, simple joy of learning for its own sake."

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